Practicing our Faith Safely and Responsibly at First Presbyterian Church During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As of 12/13/2020

While our church doors were closed to worship since March 2020, we reopened Nov. 2020 to those wishing to participate in person rather than participating through our virtual worship on our YouTube Channel each Sunday.

Accordingly, we devised a plan for safe and responsible in-person worship.

Mission of our Plan:

Our mission is to provide the safest possible place of worship for those individuals who are ready to return to worship in our sanctuary, and to continue meaningful virtual worship for those who are not.

With the safety of congregation, staff, and visitors being our highest priority, we used published guidance from various organizations, including CDC, VDH, Presbytery of the Peaks, and Brotherhood Insurance as we established and continue to update our policies and procedures.

What this plan means for any participating in-person at the current time is the following:

  • Enter and exit the Church through the Locust Street door and steps into the Narthex.
  • You will wear a mask properly (over nose and mouth) during the entire time while in the Church. You will be given a mask if you forgot yours and also be asked to sanitize your hands when entering and exiting the Church.
  • You will be asked health screening questions before coming into the sanctuary. If you have been exposed to anyone with COVID-19 or are not feeling well, please do not join in-person worship and please let us know how we may help you.
  • You will sit at your designated pew along with your family members, including any children (no nursery at the current time). If you do not have a spot, the ushers will assign you to a visitor spot and get your contact information (for contact tracing).
  • During your time at First Presbyterian Church, please maintain social distancing (greet others with waves but no hand shaking or hugs), keeping all personal belongings with you. Note that with doors open for air circulation, you may want to continue wearing any outside clothing in the sanctuary.
  • During hymns, you are invited to hum or say the words along but please no singing.
  • If these procedures do not work for you, please enjoy the virtual service via our YouTube Channel.

We pray that each of you is safe and healthy in this time of uncertainty.

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