Hunger Action Congregation

October 2022 Newsletter

Hunger Action Congregation

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Hunger Action Congregation First Presbyterian Covington VA

First Presbyterian Church is again certified for the next three years as a Hunger Action Congregation. Our initial certification was in 2019-2022. We updated our information and again are doing an activity in each of six areas that enable us to be a Certified Hunger Action Congregation.

The six areas to Ending Hunger and Its Causes are:

  • Hunger Alleviation: providing and/or sharing food in a dignified way with an eye to long-term structural solutions
  • Development Assistance: addressing the root causes of hunger and poverty through equitable and sustainable development
  • Hunger Education: learning about systemic causes of hunger, leading towards faithful action that is informed and guided by directly affected people and partner groups
  • Lifestyle Integrity: adopting sustainable personal and corporate lifestyles to restore justice and protect all of God’s creation
  • Corporate and Public Policy Witness: advocating and campaigning for changes in policies and practices to end hunger and its causes, promote self-development, and care for creation
  • Worship: incorporating prayer, education, and preaching about ending hunger and its causes into worship


— Mission & Service Committee


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